Mission Statement

As a gatekeeper of the democratic process, the Supervisor of Elections will uphold the election laws of the State of Florida and the constitution of the United States. The mission of the Supervisor of Elections is to enhance public confidence; encourage citizen participation; and increase voter awareness and education for citizens of all ages.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Supervisor of Elections, an elected Constitutional Officer:

  • Administer county, state and federal elections
  • Provide assistance and support in municipal elections
  • Uphold the Elections Laws of the State of Florida
  • Administer the provisions of the campaign reporting laws
  • Qualify candidates for public office
  • Issue voter information cards
  • Maintain voter registration lists
  • Provide absentee registration and voting
  • Engage, hire and train poll workers
  • Obtain and equip polling places
  • Facilitate a non-partisan polling place
  • Maintain election equipment and supplies
  • Provide voter outreach and awareness
  • Educate voters