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Supervisor of Elections, Vicki Davis, has been protecting the integrity of Martin County Elections since 2005. Believing all eligible voters in Martin County deserve to be heard, Supervisor Davis and her staff understand the importance of each vote cast in an election.

The Elections Office is comprised of election professionals dedicated to providing accurate information and serving the community with integrity. As members of this community, we too share in your passion for protecting our votes and our democracy.

Below is information to help combat the spread of misinformation and disinformation about elections. As your local election experts, with over 129 years of combined election experience, you can have confidence this office will always provide information about elections that are accurate and trustworthy.  The Martin County Elections Office is our trusted elections source.

Voter Registration

You Can Always Verify You’re Eligibility to Vote

To be eligible to vote in Florida, you must first be registered. A fast and convenient way to verify your voter registration information is to visit RegisterToVoteFlorida.gov and click the “Am I Already Registered?” button on the home page.  Simply enter your name and date of birth to access your current voter status, including the date you registered, your party affiliation, and the contact information of record. RegisterToVoteFlorida.gov allows you to register to vote or update your voter information.


List Maintenance on The Voter Registration Database

Regular list maintenance is performed to ensure our voter registration rolls are accurate. Frequent notifications are received from agencies such as USPS, Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Florida Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics, as well as other government agencies to maintain our current records and to remove ineligible voters from the rolls.


Voting Systems

Voting Equipment is Certified

For a voting system to be used in Florida, it must first be thoroughly tested and approved by the Secretary of State’s Bureau of Voting Systems Certification (BVSC). The Bureau rigorously tests voting system’s hardware and software to ensure the system is secure and it accurately counts votes. This certification process is one of many reasons you can vote with confidence.   For additional information visit About Voting Systems – Division of Elections – Florida Department of State (myflorida.com)

Pre-Election Testing

Per Florida law, a Logic and Accuracy (L & A) test is conducted prior to each election. Test ballots with a predetermined number of votes for each contest are tabulated through randomly selected voting machines to certify they accurately count and record votes.  Testing is publicly noticed in advance and open to the public.  Additionally, 100% of voting equipment is pre-tested prior to each election.

Post-Election Audit

Florida law requires an audit of voting systems to be conducted after every election. The audit verifies the accuracy of election results. The Martin County Canvassing Board randomly selects a precinct and a contest to be manually counted. The manual count is then compared to the machine totals. The audit includes Vote-by-Mail, Early Voting, and Election Day ballots. This audit is publicly noticed in advance and open for the public to attend.


One Voter, One Vote

Florida’s statewide voter registration system is utilized to verify a voter’s eligibility, to include, they are registered at a valid residential address, and they have not already voted in an election. Once a voter checks in at the polls, or their voted mail ballot has been accepted, they are unable to vote again in the same election.

Voter Identification

Florida law requires voters to present a current and valid acceptable form of photo and signature identification prior to receiving a ballot during Early Voting or on Election Day. If a voter is unable to provide identification at the polls, they will be issued a provisional ballot.  When requesting a Vote-By-Mail ballot a voter’s identity must be verified by providing a Florida Driver’s License number, Florida ID number, or the last 4 digits of voter’s social security number.

Paper Ballots

All Florida registered voters cast their vote on a paper ballot. Paper ballots ensure every vote tabulated can be verified. Once the election has concluded, all ballots are safely stored in a secure area under video surveillance for 22 months.

Vote-by-Mail Safeguards

To request a Vote-By-Mail ballot a voter’s identity must be verified by providing a Florida Driver’s License number, Florida ID number, or the last 4 digits of your social security number. Only registered voters may request a vote-by-mail ballot. Vote-By-Mail ballots must be returned in the voter specific return envelope and the signature on the voted ballot envelope will be compared to the signature in the voter database. Once the signature is confirmed, the voter’s record is updated to prevent duplicate voting. Voted ballots are stored in a secure room under video surveillance until they are publicly tabulated. Voters can track their mail ballot from the time it is mailed to counted.

Electronic Poll Books

Electronic poll books provide each polling place and early voting location with a list of registered voters who are eligible to vote in an election.  When a voter checks in, their record is immediately updated to reflect they have cast a vote.

Ballot Accounting

At the close of polls, the public count on each voting machine is compared to the number of voter check-ins to confirm the number of voted ballots matches the number of voters having voted.

Tabulating Ballots on Election Day

Our tabulation system and voter registration system are separate. We utilize a stand-alone server that is never connected to the internet. Precinct scanner results are printed and stored to a flash drive. Both the printouts and flash drives are returned to our office on election night.

Election Security

Physical Security

The Elections Office is under 24-hour camera surveillance and all areas of operations are secured and require multi-factor access.  Strict chain-of-custody and physical inventory processes are in place and background checks are performed on all full-time employees.  Staff access is limited to the computer room, vault, and warehouse.  Security seals are used on the voting equipment, ballot cases, and transport carts for chain of custody and verification processes.


An Albert sensor was purchased and installed in 2018 to provide security alerts on any network threats; in 2022, our website transitioned to a .gov domain for added security; and employees have passed a cybersecurity awareness course provided by the Florida Department of State (DOS) and participate in ongoing training to identify and report phishing attempts. 

Additional Resources

If you have any questions about anything written above, please contact the Martin Country Supervisor of Elections [email protected] or (772) 288-5637.

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